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Snow? No. - A Valley Full of Clouds

About Snow? No.

Previous Entry Snow? No. Dec. 19th, 2009 @ 01:21 pm Next Entry
Despite (or possibly because of) much media hype, it did not snow here. Just more rain, so our front yard is now a lake again.

I'm very jealous of everybody's snow, and if I had the money, I'd retire and be a reverse snow-bird, moving north each winter. There isn't any part of snow I don't like, and that includes driving in it and shoveling it.

Ellen got her first experience driving in snow yesterday as she and Kirstyn went up to Charlottesville to tour Monticello and got caught in the storm. She got along okay, but the normal 2 1/2 hour drive turned into 6 hours. She has been asking me to let her drive up to NYC for New Year's Eve in Times Square (with a friend) and I said no because she had no experience driving in snow. I guess I either have to say yes now, or come up with a new excuse.
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Date:December 21st, 2009 03:37 pm (UTC)
We got a dusting, kinda sorta. I was able to take the dog for a walk and come back with snow on my coat, which was nice.
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Date:December 20th, 2009 12:24 am (UTC)

a new excuse?

one word... Jonah... he's hers to raise, not yours :-) You're busy, you've got stuff to do, etc. etc. etc. She's a Mom now; and with the court thing, she doesn't want to appear to be anything but a truly devoted and self-sacrificing mom.

I'll be happy to ship you my snow, but with it comes about an inch thick layer of ice, too :-)

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Date:December 21st, 2009 03:44 pm (UTC)

Re: a new excuse?

I'll take it, ice and all. Being a damnyankee, I like that cold stuff.

And I actually want her to be able to go - I don't mind watching Jonas as all we do on New Year's Eve is go to a very low key and kid friendly party at Mungoe and Siobhan's. She's with Jonas pretty much 24/7 unless he's at Tim's, so a bit of a break is probably a good thing.
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