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A Valley Full of Clouds

Becky's Scribbling Life

29 August 1962
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I'm awful at bios, I'm afraid. At least this one doesn't have to be in 3rd person. This is my writing journal. Well, just my journal, actually. I used to have one for fandom and one for SCA and one for writing, but that was seriously schizophrenic. So now there's just this one.

I'm a forty-something Ohioan living in southern Virginia trying to build a writing career that I've wanted for as long as I can remember, probably since I put down Peter Rabbitand realized there was an author behind it. I got sidetracked along the way with 2 kids, 4 stepkids, an obsessive teaching career that I've since abandoned for library work, but I'm now trying to write about 1,000 words a day and collect rejection slips submit stories regularly. (Shut up, Yoda. Yes, there is too a try.)

I currently live with one husband, one child (the other's off at college), four dogs, two cats and a yard full of mice, rabbits and one snake. In my copious free time, I play in the SCA and do handspinning and weaving. In the SCA, I'm known as Margret Eyverska, and am currently landed baroness of the Barony of Marinus in the Kingdom of Atlantia (Norfolk, Virginia area) and was made a Companion of the Laurel in weaving and early period textiles about 4 years ago.

My friending policy is open - I almost never lock anything, but if you friend me, I'll probably friend you back, at least until the list gets unwieldy.

My spec fic sales as of December 21, 2006 include:

Magazine/E-zine Sales

"Denying the Cuckoo" to Tales of the Talisman (December 2005)
"Sic Transit Gloria's Monday" to Kenoma E-Zine (June 2005)
"Till Ragnarok" to Lenox Avenue (May/June 2005) Reviewed here by Tangent Online
"So Much for Peace" to The Fifth Di... (September 2005)
"Passing of the Cup" to Wee Small Hours (October 2005)
"The Triumph of Reason" to Deep Magic (January 2006) reviewed here by Tangent
"Stranger at the Wedding" to Cabinet des Fees
"The Hare Wife" to WildChild
"Diamonds" to Cabinet des Fees web edition
"The Price of Electrum" to Nanobison
"Bricks" to Cabinet des Fees print edition (forthcoming)
"What Does it Profit a Man" to The Town Drunk (forthcoming)
"The Urn of Ravalos" to Intergalactic Medicine Show (coming Winter 2009)

Anthology Sales

"Hell and Half of Georgia" to Damned Nation, 2006. Reviewed here by the Horror Channel.
"Magic's Choice" in Blood and Devotion (forthcoming)
"Hurricane Watch" in Triangulation: End of Time (forthcoming)

(using plural is blind optimism in action)
A Strong and Sudden Thaw, Lethe Press

Disclaimer: Because apparently Six Apart/LJ is comprised of individuals who, in the words of my husband, shouldn't be allowed to play golf, I am adding this statement to say that I do not condone illegal activity of any kind. If I write about murder, I am not condoning it. Same with child abuse, incest, removing those 'do not remove under penalty of law' tags on pillows, jaywalking. Whatever. Fiction ain't reality, folks. Duh.